How you can use the power of unlimited sessions to your advantage

When teachers are actively available and engaged in their online classes it helps to close the distance gap with their learners and it can as well educate them about the opportunity of online learning, and also to the value of education. A tutor's engagement, which is their active web presence, has an impact on how students react to the online class environment, how well they engage in class, how well they perform and stay motivated. The online tutor needs to use the power of unlimited sessions to his advantage. The work that a teacher does, as an educator, instructor, and facilitator, also influences how fruitful the learning activity will be and development of situation that is conducive to online learning needs to be nurtured from every week until the course comes to an end.

This generation are used to instant gratifications and also don’t like longing for results. While there’s absolutely nothing you can do pertaining to the distractions in the lives of these learners, there are ways to engage learners so they make the best out of online learning. If you want to make sure that your learners get the most from online learning, here’s how:

Multiple Time Slots

With multiple time slots, you can satisfy digital-age learners by offering them a swift and easy approach to schedule a class with you there and then. The moment a lesson is scheduled, a confirmation is instantly sent and automatically inserted into both parties’ calendars. All the tutor or student has to do to keep an eye on their meetings is to always check their calendar. All the information to access the meeting or class is right at their fingertips. This does not just modernize and automate the scheduling process; it increases student commitment and seriousness to your course. With the tools, it is possible to optimize tutors’ schedules and increase the number of sessions you and your team can conduct in a given time frame. If learners end up rescheduling or canceling, the time slot will be automatically freed up to accept new bookings.

Review Sessions

The review sessions allow learners with an additional resource for understanding course material. Furthermore, course instructor may plan for review sessions (weekly, or before examinations) that they may broadcast in class or on the discussion forum. Review session increases student engagement towards the course; appealed to multiple learning styles; and also made concept retention more inclined due to the number of presentations. The review sessions also help the teacher to spot content areas that demand attention.

Progress Bar

Show a progress bar on each and every webpage or screen so learners can see what they’ve achieved and how much they've left. It’s not difficult for students to get side-tracked when they feel like they aren’t doing things right. A progress bar is a great way to virtually inspire your learners to keep going and remain on task.

Teaching Styles

Make use of engaging teaching styles that require learners to be involved in what they are learning. This can be done by introducing mini quizzes all through the course, providing an option for students to communicate with each other with regards to they’re learning, or with the use of polls asking your learners their thoughts and opinions on what they are learning about.