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  • How to leverage your existing equipment to effectively teach a virtual class

    Virtual class is an online place that is geared towards learning. They’re generally part of a bigger learning platform such as a virtual campus or a learning management system (LMS).

  • How to assess efficacy without assessing

    A significant aspect (and a big challenge as well) of instructional design and online learning development is to be familiar with the behavior of your students.

  • How to Make it through Your Online Class Courses

    Virtual classes have at no time been this widely used. They have given many people in many countries the ease and possibility to obtain their certificates or degrees.

  • Why you need to make your classes more accessible on mobile-capable platform?

    Conducting classes or courses online has re-defined the way knowledge was traditionally imparted by our teachers. Classrooms exist even today, but the way of teaching and learning has changed.

  • Prepare once, teach forever

    Successful courses call for thorough preparation and continual revision. Start the plan early, giving yourself as much as three to six months to plan a new online course. Once plan and you, you prepare won’t have to bother yourself over the course again.

  • How you can use the power of unlimited sessions to your advantage

    When teachers are actively available and engaged in their online classes it helps to close the distance gap with their learners and it can as well educate them about the opportunity of online learning, and also to the value of education.